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What makes me feel @Home?

Family dinners, the noise, the laughter and the food!

@Home, we understand everyone is different, which is why we strive to understand what is important to you and how we can meet your needs.

Our Vision

To create an innovative and professional Agency which stands apart from the crowd, by offering an expert, skilled service Canberra wide.

To be an enviable employer, offering flexible arrangements for skilled staff that are driven, committed and goal orientated.

To develop an environment that promotes forward thinking, personal ownership with ongoing reward.

To have our brand be synonymous with property management in the ACT.

Our people are inspired to search, discover, innovate and dream.

Why @Home?

Property Management is often fast paced, highly stressful and frustrating. Staff are often inexperienced, or part of the property management revolving door. Every few months there is a different email signature from a new staff member who may have never met you, your tenant on have been to your property. Licensees keep costs low so that profits are high – skimming on wages, systems and technology.

In a multi- purpose agency property management is viewed as the ‘bread and butter’ keeping the dollars rolling in to support the sales arm.

This often results in lower service standards and what’s worse, can often effect the returns on your investment.

Property Management does not have to be like this.

Not only do I want it to change, I want to create an industry standard!

So how do we do it?

As an investor I understand the importance of a great return, but as a property manager I understand that planning, time management, smart systems and portfolio size is the key to be able to provide a premium service and is how we work with you to get that return.

We live by our code of conduct, we invest in our systems, our people, and our technology.

And finally, we have eliminated additional fees. Statement fees, re-letting fees, condition report fees….. Because isn’t that why you pay a management fee?

To have a coffee and find out how we can make you feel @Home, give me a call 0401 171 787.

- Jessica Podetti, Managing Director

Code of Conduct

The @Home code of conduct covers not only customer service, but the key standards we expect from our people – these are what we live by!

Be real! - Honesty and professionalism

Be yourself in all you do, @Home we behave ethically and with respect for all. Honesty and professionalism is second nature to us. Treat clients and customers as the @Home family

Imagine the advice your giving is to your mother. The property you are inspecting is your fathers. Our clients and customers deserve our compliance with our fiduciary obligation, and a cuppa, bickie and a chat!

Communication and relationships are the key

At the end of the day, if you understand your client’s needs, your customer’s position and the real truth behind decisions – You will succeed.

Take your time to plan your time

Unplanned time is time wasted. Be effective, efficient and prepared, daily.

The devil is in the details

Be conscientious and accurate in all you do, @Home we protect and grow our clients assets through comprehensive systems and processes.

Be a ‘know it all’ – Train, learn, Teach!

Be hungry to learn. Be ready to implement change. Share your knowledge with our team and clients.

Search discover innovate dream

@Home we embrace a culture of constant grow, development and improvement. Our people are the future of the company. Always strive to improve, to think outside the box and to search for solutions.

All for one and one for all (just like the musketeers!)

We are a team, we succeed together, we embrace that we are strong, diverse and unique!

Be human – own your successes and failures!

Embrace your failures, they provide valuable lessons for success. Celebrate your success with humility.

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